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United Kingdom

Ashton  dummy
Sovereign #9 X pictures
Sovereign #10 XXX pictures

Charatan  dummy
30102/9D.C pictures

Comoy's  dummy
Highgate 1275 N pictures

Dunhill  Homepage
1953 Shell Prince pictures
1974 Rhodesian pictures
1998 Shell Billiard pictures
Rootbriar 259 F/T pictures
Rootbriar 113 F/T pictures
Rhodesian Cumberland 5103 pictures

Ever Dry  dummy
78F pictures

Loewe  dummy
No. 908 Spigot P pictures

Orlik  dummy
PX 126 pictures

James Upshall  Homepage
Grade E Bent pictures
Grade P Rhodesian pictures
Tilshead FH Pot pictures

Les Wood  dummy
Dan Pipe 1998 pictures

Ropp  dummy
Altesse 273 pictures

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