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Amorelli  dummy
Bent pictures

Ascorti  dummy
Prince pictures
Business pictures
Apple Bamboo pictures

Brebbia  dummy
No.1 pictures

Caminetto  dummy
08.R.15 pictures

Castello  dummy
Castello pictures
No.24 pictures

Cellini  dummy
Canadian pictures

Don Carlos  dummy
Freeform Barrel pictures

Lorenzo  dummy
Spitfire Altavilla pictures
Spitfire Gandolfo pictures

Mastro de Paja  Homepage
Pipe of 1997 pictures
Bent pictures
Pot pictures
Bent Dublin pictures

Mastro Geppetto  Homepage
Pinocchio pictures
Cortechia pictures

Damiano Rovera  dummy
Pot pictures

Savinelli  Homepage
Artisan pictures
Nonpareille 9006 pictures
Hercules 604 EX pictures
313 pictures
Virginia 320EX pictures
de luxe 130KS pictures

Ser Jacopo  Homepage
Dan Pipe 1995 pictures
Dan Pipe 1996 pictures
Dan Pipe 1997 pictures
Apple Bent pictures
Bent pictures
Billiard pictures
Bent pictures
Half Bent pictures

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