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Anne Julie  Homepage
London pictures

S. Bang  dummy
Grade B Apple pictures

Bari  dummy
Wiking 7092 B pictures

Bjarne  Homepage
Dan Pipe 1994 pictures
Rhodesian variation pictures
Tulip variation pictures

J. Chonowitsch  dummy
Bamboo Lovat pictures

Tom Eltang  dummy
Pot pictures

Former  dummy
Bent pictures
Billiard pictures

Hans Hartmann  dummy
Flamingo pictures

Peter Hedegaard  dummy
Billiard pictures

Gert Holbek 
Ambassador pictures

Poul Ilsted  dummy
Billiard pictures

Georg Jensen  Homepage
No. 43 Kontrast pictures

Karl Erik  Homepage
Grade C Canadian pictures
Grade C Apple pictures

Jorgen Larsen  dummy
Freehand pictures
Freehand pictures

W.Ø. Larsen  dummy
Bent pictures
No. 95 Cognac pictures
No. 96 Double Black pictures

Ove Lindahl  dummy
Tulip pictures

Manduela  dummy
London pictures

Neerup  dummy
Apple/Pot pictures
Tulip Handmade pictures
d.a.f.t. 2004 pictures

Kai Nielsen  dummy
Pot Jewel pictures
Billiard Bent Jewel pictures

Viggo Nielsen  Homepage
Apple pictures
No.29 pictures
No.7 pictures
Freehand Bent pictures
DAFT 2002 pictures

Nimbus  dummy
DAFT 2005 pictures

Nørding  Homepage
No.020 pictures
PTC R pictures
No.193 pictures
No.13 pictures
No.377 pictures
1995 Hunting Pipe pictures
Prince pictures

Refbjerg  Homepage
Bulldog pictures

No.186 Brass Band pictures
DanPipe 2000 pictures
GR 14 pictures
No.113 pictures
HCA 22 pictures
No.12 pictures
Plateaux pictures
No.148 Tivoli JP 2001 pictures
No.209 Sixtus pictures
No.56 Tom Eltang pictures
gamle pibe pictures
Brasilia pictures
No. 62 Flame Grain pictures
Bamboo Pot pictures
No. 11 pictures
No. 83 pictures
Strawberry pictures
No. 83 Rondo pictures
Bamboo pictures
Bamboo pictures

Svendborg  dummy
507 pictures

Karsten Tarp  dummy
Volcano pictures
Prince pictures
Prince pictures
Apple pictures
Prince pictures
Apple Variation pictures
Apple Bamboo pictures
London Bamboo pictures
Tulip Bamboo pictures

Winsløw  Homepage
E Bent Rhodesian pictures
Crown 300 pictures
Crown 200 pictures

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